The Pure Flesh Light Is An Overlooked Male Sex Toy

The Pure Flesh Light Is An Overlooked Male Sex Toy

Why Isn’t The Pure Flesh Light Popular?


One Flesh light that I believe does not get enough recognition is the Pure Flesh light. This male masturbator is incredible, but since it does not possess the same aesthetic appeal that a lot of the other toys have, there are not a lot of men that are interested in purchasing this toy, as compared to other emulative Flesh light toys that are available on the market.

I wanted to take some time out to tell you a little bit about the Pure Flesh light, hoping that you will at least give it a chance in the near future. The Pure Flesh light is made the exact same way that other toys that are available in this series are. The toy possesses a hard outer shell that looks just like a flashlight. The interior surface of the toy contains a series of ribs that rub across your cock when it is inserted inside of the toy.

The outer surface of the Pure Flesh light (where you will slide your dick into), is made from the same flesh-like materials that the other toys possess. So, why aren’t guys falling head over heels for this toy? Well, the wide open hole featured along the front section of the toy, may be to blame.

There are a lot of guys that would consider themselves to be visual people. In fact, most men are stimulated visually before they are stimulated physically. A lot of guys would rather stare at a toy that looks like a pussy or an ass, instead of looking at a toy that features a simple small open hole for their dicks to enter into.

One thing that I will say about the Pure Flesh light is you cannot pass the toy off, until you have actually tried it. Once you slip your dick inside of this toy, you will feel a tight sensation wrapping around your hard cock. This tight sensation will be met with various ribbed surfaces that are featured along the interior portion of the toy.

As your cock rubs against these ribbed surfaces, you will not want to do anything but keep fucking this incredible toy. The Pure Flesh light is not like the other toys in the series, which intrigues me even more. If you’re the type of guy that wants to have a customized masturbation experience, then this toy will be right up your alley.

In fact, I ended up purchasing the Pure Flesh light for my husband, so I could see why a lot of guys are not buying this innovative toy. I will tell you that after my husband used this particular style male masturbator, he never went back to the other toys that I had gotten him. I like to think of the Pure Flesh light like a great novel.

If you look at the toy from its outer surface, it does not look like much. But, once you insert your hard cock into the small hole opening you will be in for an orgasmic surprise that you were never expecting.

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