The Five Flesh light Forms

The Five Flesh light Forms

Choose A Flesh light That Matches Your Masturbation Style


A Flesh light is a male masturbator that comes in various forms. This toy was designed to give guys the feeling like they are engaging in real sex. In fact, aside from feeling like the real thing, these toys also look like the real thing, minus a flashlight appearance that can be seen escaping from the backend section of the masturbator.


There are a total of five different forms that the Flesh light is available in. The different forms are pussy, ass, mouth, girls, and pure. Each Flesh light form has its own physical and aesthetic characteristics that set it apart from other male masturbators you may have come across on the market.


  1. Pussy Flesh light

The Pussy Flesh light is a toy that is made for guys that like to have both the aesthetic and physical appeal that they are sliding their hard cocks into a tight wet pussy. There are five different Flesh light products that fit into this category. They are the Stamina Training Unit, the Pink Lady Vibro Touch, the Jenna Haze Lotus, the Original Fleshlight, and the Pink Lady Super Ribbed.


All of these toys create different sensations when they are being used. Some of the toys possess vibrating capabilities, while a few of the toys are simple male masturbators that you can control.

  1. Ass Flesh light

What guy doesn’t like to stick his hard cock deep into the crevices of a sexy slut’s ass? The flesh lights that are designed to emulate the appearance of a ladies ass are made specifically for guys that want to express their kinky side. There are two different toys that fit into the ass category. These two toys are the Stoya Forbidden male masturbator and the Anal Vibro Touch.

Just like with the pussy toys, the ass toys each have a unique feel and the Anal Vibro Touch has vibrating capabilities that will send your orgasms over the edge.

  1. Mouth Flesh light

The male masturbators that are made to emulate the appearance of a ladies mouth are also just as appealing as the ass and pussy style toys. There are three different toys that fit into this category. These three toys are the Tera Patrick Swallow, the Ice Mouth Crystal, and the Pink Mouth Vortex.

  1. Girl Flesh light

The girl emulative toys take flesh lights a little bit further. Instead of simply emulating a body part, these toys are made from actual molds that were taken from seductive porn stars. There are three toys that fit into the girl category. These three toys are the Stoya Forbidden male masturbator, the Jenna Haze Lotus, and the Tera Patrick Swallow.

The Stoya Forbidden toy was made from a mold of Stoya’s ass. The Jenna Haze Lotus was made from a mold of Jenna’s pussy, and the Tera Patrick Swallow was made from a mold of the porn stars mouth. With these toys, you are given the chance to customize your masturbation experience.

  1. Pure Fleshlight

The Pure male masturbator is put into a category that is all its own. It does not have the same aesthetic appeal as the other types of male masturbators that are available. However, what it lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up in the physical sense.

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