Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

Affair? Rebuilding Trust is Possible.

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship, so it’s not hard to see why an affair can often lead to the demise of a relationship.  However, it doesn’t have to.  Rebuilding trust after an affair is not an impossible task – just a difficult one.  It will take a lot of time, and a lot of effort from both people involved.  Whether it was you or him that cheated, here are some things the guilty party can do to rebuild the lost trust in the relationship.

  1. Stop Contact

The guilty party must, in every occasion, stop all association with the person who they were cheating with.  Rebuilding trust is not possible if they are going to remain ‘just friends’.  If the other woman/man was a co-worker, it may be necessary for the guilty party to quit their job, or ask to be moved to another department to ensure their paths do not cross.  Quitting your job is not an easy task – but as the guilty party, you made the mistake; and if you want to rebuild the relationship, you must face the consequences.

  1. Be Completely Honest

This may seem pretty obvious, but in order for your partner to trust you again you have to be completely honest – about everything.  No white lies to save their feelings; absolute honesty only.  Any small fib will, with right, be looked at as another lie and hinder your progress.  This is no time to be planning them a surprise party.

  1. Be Patient

Rebuilding trust won’t happen overnight.  It takes time – a lot of time.  Allow your partner to be sceptical of your actions – they have a reason to be.  They will have many questions – answer them nicely.  Actions speak louder than words, and in order to gain back the trust of your partner, you need to show them – over time – that you are true to your word and can be trusted again.

  1. Be Fair

When an affair happens in a relationship, partners are quick to pounce on each other – blaming each other for things, sometimes wanting revenge.  Rebuilding trust is very difficult and you need to be on the same team in order for it to work out.  Talk about your negative feelings, and then put them aside.  Come to a solution together, and work towards it as a team.  Rebuilding trust can only be achieved with equal effort from both partners.



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