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Author: Jack O'Neal

The Pure Flesh Light Is An Overlooked Male Sex Toy

The Pure Flesh Light Is An Overlooked Male Sex Toy

Why Isn’t The Pure Flesh Light Popular?


One Flesh light that I believe does not get enough recognition is the Pure Flesh light. This male masturbator is incredible, but since it does not possess the same aesthetic appeal that a lot of the other toys have, there are not a lot of men that are interested in purchasing this toy, as compared to other emulative Flesh light toys that are available on the market.

I wanted to take some time out to tell you a little bit about the Pure Flesh light, hoping that you will at least give it a chance in the near future. The Pure Flesh light is made the exact same way that other toys that are available in this series are. The toy possesses a hard outer shell that looks just like a flashlight. The interior surface of the toy contains a series of ribs that rub across your cock when it is inserted inside of the toy.

The outer surface of the Pure Flesh light (where you will slide your dick into), is made from the same flesh-like materials that the other toys possess. So, why aren’t guys falling head over heels for this toy? Well, the wide open hole featured along the front section of the toy, may be to blame.

There are a lot of guys that would consider themselves to be visual people. In fact, most men are stimulated visually before they are stimulated physically. A lot of guys would rather stare at a toy that looks like a pussy or an ass, instead of looking at a toy that features a simple small open hole for their dicks to enter into.

One thing that I will say about the Pure Flesh light is you cannot pass the toy off, until you have actually tried it. Once you slip your dick inside of this toy, you will feel a tight sensation wrapping around your hard cock. This tight sensation will be met with various ribbed surfaces that are featured along the interior portion of the toy.

As your cock rubs against these ribbed surfaces, you will not want to do anything but keep fucking this incredible toy. The Pure Flesh light is not like the other toys in the series, which intrigues me even more. If you’re the type of guy that wants to have a customized masturbation experience, then this toy will be right up your alley.

In fact, I ended up purchasing the Pure Flesh light for my husband, so I could see why a lot of guys are not buying this innovative toy. I will tell you that after my husband used this particular style male masturbator, he never went back to the other toys that I had gotten him. I like to think of the Pure Flesh light like a great novel.

If you look at the toy from its outer surface, it does not look like much. But, once you insert your hard cock into the small hole opening you will be in for an orgasmic surprise that you were never expecting.

The Five Flesh light Forms

The Five Flesh light Forms

Choose A Flesh light That Matches Your Masturbation Style


A Flesh light is a male masturbator that comes in various forms. This toy was designed to give guys the feeling like they are engaging in real sex. In fact, aside from feeling like the real thing, these toys also look like the real thing, minus a flashlight appearance that can be seen escaping from the backend section of the masturbator.


There are a total of five different forms that the Flesh light is available in. The different forms are pussy, ass, mouth, girls, and pure. Each Flesh light form has its own physical and aesthetic characteristics that set it apart from other male masturbators you may have come across on the market.


  1. Pussy Flesh light

The Pussy Flesh light is a toy that is made for guys that like to have both the aesthetic and physical appeal that they are sliding their hard cocks into a tight wet pussy. There are five different Flesh light products that fit into this category. They are the Stamina Training Unit, the Pink Lady Vibro Touch, the Jenna Haze Lotus, the Original Fleshlight, and the Pink Lady Super Ribbed.


All of these toys create different sensations when they are being used. Some of the toys possess vibrating capabilities, while a few of the toys are simple male masturbators that you can control.

  1. Ass Flesh light

What guy doesn’t like to stick his hard cock deep into the crevices of a sexy slut’s ass? The flesh lights that are designed to emulate the appearance of a ladies ass are made specifically for guys that want to express their kinky side. There are two different toys that fit into the ass category. These two toys are the Stoya Forbidden male masturbator and the Anal Vibro Touch.

Just like with the pussy toys, the ass toys each have a unique feel and the Anal Vibro Touch has vibrating capabilities that will send your orgasms over the edge.

  1. Mouth Flesh light

The male masturbators that are made to emulate the appearance of a ladies mouth are also just as appealing as the ass and pussy style toys. There are three different toys that fit into this category. These three toys are the Tera Patrick Swallow, the Ice Mouth Crystal, and the Pink Mouth Vortex.

  1. Girl Flesh light

The girl emulative toys take flesh lights a little bit further. Instead of simply emulating a body part, these toys are made from actual molds that were taken from seductive porn stars. There are three toys that fit into the girl category. These three toys are the Stoya Forbidden male masturbator, the Jenna Haze Lotus, and the Tera Patrick Swallow.

The Stoya Forbidden toy was made from a mold of Stoya’s ass. The Jenna Haze Lotus was made from a mold of Jenna’s pussy, and the Tera Patrick Swallow was made from a mold of the porn stars mouth. With these toys, you are given the chance to customize your masturbation experience.

  1. Pure Fleshlight

The Pure male masturbator is put into a category that is all its own. It does not have the same aesthetic appeal as the other types of male masturbators that are available. However, what it lacks in aesthetic appeal it makes up in the physical sense.

Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

Rebuilding Trust After an Affair

Affair? Rebuilding Trust is Possible.

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship, so it’s not hard to see why an affair can often lead to the demise of a relationship.  However, it doesn’t have to.  Rebuilding trust after an affair is not an impossible task – just a difficult one.  It will take a lot of time, and a lot of effort from both people involved.  Whether it was you or him that cheated, here are some things the guilty party can do to rebuild the lost trust in the relationship.

  1. Stop Contact

The guilty party must, in every occasion, stop all association with the person who they were cheating with.  Rebuilding trust is not possible if they are going to remain ‘just friends’.  If the other woman/man was a co-worker, it may be necessary for the guilty party to quit their job, or ask to be moved to another department to ensure their paths do not cross.  Quitting your job is not an easy task – but as the guilty party, you made the mistake; and if you want to rebuild the relationship, you must face the consequences.

  1. Be Completely Honest

This may seem pretty obvious, but in order for your partner to trust you again you have to be completely honest – about everything.  No white lies to save their feelings; absolute honesty only.  Any small fib will, with right, be looked at as another lie and hinder your progress.  This is no time to be planning them a surprise party.

  1. Be Patient

Rebuilding trust won’t happen overnight.  It takes time – a lot of time.  Allow your partner to be sceptical of your actions – they have a reason to be.  They will have many questions – answer them nicely.  Actions speak louder than words, and in order to gain back the trust of your partner, you need to show them – over time – that you are true to your word and can be trusted again.

  1. Be Fair

When an affair happens in a relationship, partners are quick to pounce on each other – blaming each other for things, sometimes wanting revenge.  Rebuilding trust is very difficult and you need to be on the same team in order for it to work out.  Talk about your negative feelings, and then put them aside.  Come to a solution together, and work towards it as a team.  Rebuilding trust can only be achieved with equal effort from both partners.



Keeping a Secret – You Cheated

Keeping a Secret – You Cheated

You Cheated – He Doesn’t Know – Is It Over Anyway?

If you cheated and he doesn’t know, you may be feeling a mixture of emotions.  You have a big secret that would really hurt him if he ever found out.  You’ve thought about telling him, but you’re scared he’ll leave you.  Although you think you’re dodging a bullet by keeping it inside, holding a big secret like this might end up ruining your relationship anyway.  Here’s why:

  1. Insecurity

You cheated –You are the guilty party.  Knowing that you have gotten away with something like this will make you wonder what he has done that you don’t know about.  You may begin to question where he’s going, what he’s doing, who he’s seeing.  Nothing he is doing has changed – but you suddenly start accusing him of suspicious behaviour.  This will drive him crazy.


  1. Self-Worth

You cheated. You know that -he doesn’t.  Knowing what you did while he is oblivious is not going to make you feel good.  He writes you love letters and brings you flowers and all you can think is ‘I don’t deserve this’.  He doesn’t understand and.  On the outside, he sees an ungrateful woman.  He is trying his best for you and is getting a sad smile in return.  You can be sure he won’t put up with it for long.

  1. Anxiety

You cheated.  He doesn’t know – YET.  Holding a secret of this calibre and knowing what you might lose if your man ever found out is going to cause a lot of anxiety for you.  If he comes home from work in a bad mood – you will think he found out.  If gets a phone call and he seems aggravated – you think he found out.  Is it worth living like this?  Stressing out every time he isn’t wearing a perfect Colgate ad smile?

  1. He Might Find Out

Just because he doesn’t know right now, doesn’t mean he won’t find out.  And then what?  Will it be easier to tell him now, when you can pick the time, place and manner in which he finds out?  Or is it better for him to find out one day from someone he barely knows?

It is not easy to tell someone you cheated.  It is not easy to keep such a huge secret from them either.  If you choose not to tell, just be careful you don’t end up ruining the relationship anyway.

Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

Find Out if He’s Cheating On You

Playing Detective – Is he cheating on you?

Women’s instincts are usually pretty good.  If you think that your man is cheating on you, you may have reason to believe that – and you might be right.  However, although you may have good intuition about these things, the only way to know for sure (not like he’s going to admit it if you ask him) is to do a little detective work and find out for certain.  Here are some tips to finding out if your man really is cheating on you:

  1. Act Dumb

If you suspect your man is cheating – don’t let him know.  If you’re constantly asking him questions that show you’re suspicious, his guard will go up and he will be extremely focused on ensuring he never slips up on anything he says. If he thinks that you are clueless, that you still have complete trust in him, you may be able to find out more information.  He may not delete the phone messages right away, or perhaps he will say something that contradicts himself.  Until you have solid proof, act like nothing is out of the ordinary.

  1. Don’t Check His Email

Or rather – DO check his email – but only if he wasn’t the one to give you his password.  If your man has voluntarily given up his email passwords to you, it’s quite obvious he won’t be emailing anyone (from that account) that you shouldn’t know about.  If you don’t have the password, try to catch him while he’s typing it in.  It may take a few tries to figure it out, but once you’ve got it, you’ve got access to his private emails.  Just remember – if you see anything else in there you may not like (ie. Some porn site he is a member of that you think is disgusting) – you’re breaking his trust by going into his email in the first place.  Make sure you’re ready for the consequences of what you’re doing.


  1. Listen

The easiest way to catch your man in a lie is to be a really good listener.  Make note of the details he tells you about where he was.  Feign interest in what he was doing by asking questions.  Remember what he says.  In a few days, ask him similar questions about that same event.  Major details of an event shouldn’t change – so if he give you different answers today – something is up.  Look for some evidence of him being where he said.